XT Cart – Product Review

WORDS: Scott Rawstorne from Global Paddler.

The XT Cart from Sea to Summit is the best sit inside kayak trolley that I have ever used. I haven’t tried it with canoes but there is no reason why it wouldn’t work equally as well with them. Stand up paddle boards (SUPs) can be transported with the XT SUP Cart which has only one difference from the XT Cart described here. It comes with a suction cupped handle which you can fix to the front of your SUP to help you tow it along. Sit-on-top (SOT) kayaks are best towed on a trolley which has two prongs that fit snugly into the scupper (drainage) holes. The Sea to Summit team lead the way in this category again with their Sit-on-top Cart.

XT Cart Montage

Back to the XT Cart. In order for a trolley to meet my requirements, it must be tough, lightweight and simple to use. It must perform well in a variety of conditions and be able to be stored securely in my kayak, car, storage shed and even at the launch site. The XT Cart ticks all of those boxes.

The XT Cart weighs only 2.5 kilograms. It consists of:

  • a chassis made from engineering standard plastic and stainless steel screws which is capable of carrying up to 70 kilograms in weight,
  • wheels made from puncture proof fibreglass reinforced nylon with thermoplastic rubber (TPR) running strips to reduce rolling noise on hard surfaces and and improve traction,
  • parallel rails with TPR contact points to cradle your craft and prevent sideways and lengthways slippage,
  • a high quality 38mm UV stabilised adjustable polyester strap to hold your craft firmly in place, and
  • a swing out kickstand to hold the XT Cart upright while you load your craft onto it.

Sea to Summit XT Cart

The XT Cart is easy to put together and take apart. It only takes a matter of seconds. Assembly and disassembly instructions are provided on the box.

Many kayak carts left at launch sites have been stolen so I was relieved to find that the disassembled XT Cart fits comfortably inside my hatch. If you don’t have a hatch, then securing the XT Cart at your launch site is also possible by running a bike lock through one of the holes in the chassis and around a nearby pole or tree.

Sea to Summit advises that watercraft should not be stored for extended periods on their carts. No matter how much you love the XT Cart, please make sure to take your kayak or canoe off it at the end of the day.

I have used the XT Cart on roads, boat ramps, gravel paths and soft sand. It has done the job for me in all of those places. Soft sand is a difficult environment for any trolley so you shouldn’t expect miracles in that area, but the XT Cart outperforms anything else I have tried to date. The XT Cart is my trolley of choice and I am more than happy to recommend that you make it your trolley of choice too.

XT Cart Rolling

The Sea to Summit XT Cart has a recommended retail price of $159.95. Use the store locator on the Sea to Summit website to find the Sea to Summit stockist nearest you.

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4 thoughts on “XT Cart – Product Review

  1. Rugby McLean says:

    Hmmm… the relevant hatch dimensions of our kayaks are 40 cm x 29 cm. That excellent cart might not fit through the opening.

  2. Rugby McLean says:

    Hi Scott, That cart looks rather good. What is the inside length and width of the hatch opening of your kayak?

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