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The Tarpon 100 is a versatile sit-on-top kayak made in the USA from UV stabilised high density polyethylene. It is a super stable and highly manouevrable craft which is perfect for use on small lakes, quiet streams and slow moving rivers. It is a brilliant kayak fishing vessel and it can also be used to play in small surf.

Tarpon 100 fishing

Vital Statistics

Length // 305cm
Width // 77cm
Deck height // 39cm
Weight // 25kg
Max load // 147kg

Tarpon 100 Camo


Phase 3 AirPro Sit-On-Top seating system // The patented Phase 3 seating system has become the industry leader when it comes to an amazingly comfortable seat. Ergonomic elements have been added to all aspects of the AirPro. The contoured seat and seat backs have been designed with increased comfort in mind. Multiple-sized holes in the special foam padding produce varying densities to provide extra cushioning along the spine and under the legs while comfortably supporting the sit bones. The flexible back rest features a cutaway for spinal support and a dynamic structural design that conforms to and moves with your back; the seat’s leg lifter area has a softer edge and is contoured under your thighs. The AirPro also features over the perforated foam, greatly improving ventilation so you and your seat breathe and dry out quickly.
Attention to ergonomic details is also evident in the easily accessible controls that have been carefully positioned to prevent strain by limiting your reach to adjust the system. Simple, highly visible icons easily identify the adjustment points and their functions. A re-designed leg lifter has now become the central control for adjusting both the seat back and leg lifter height. The leg lifter uses a pulley style system that greatly reduces the effort needed to position your legs for maximum comfort. With an easy pull on the web strap the seat back is lowered causing less friction on the bungee cord and preventing wear and tear. Located in front of the central controls is a mesh bag that can be used for storage.
Keepers XL Footbraces // Adjustable footrests which can be moved backward and forward to suit different leg lengths. The adjustment lever is located on the backside of the footrest. To adjust, squeeze the lever and slide the footrest to the desired location. Release the lever to lock it in place.
Orbix bow & midship hatches // The industry-leading Orbix dry hatch design has low-profile locking levers and long locking tabs. Plus, the latches come drilled to accommodate a small cable lock.The soft sealing, more durable rubber gaskets and rubber lip seals combine with additional design features in the rim and cover that translate into an overall drier hatch.  Storage tabs have been added to the inside of the rim to accommodate new hatch bins.
SlideTrax accessory system // You’ve come to expect the highest level of performance and quality from your Wilderness Systems kayak and your paddling accessories should be no different. A tradition of innovative outfitting continues with the SlideTrax modular outfitting system, available exclusively for Wilderness Systems. Kayak owners can now accessorize their boat from a growing line of extras without drilling or complicated adjustments. These interchangeable components can also be easily repositioned for maximum versatility. Paddlers can now try almost unlimited configurations for their rigging, and leave unnecessary outfitting behind. The complete range of Slidetrax parts can be seen on the Harmony Gear website.
Tankwell with adjustable bungee // For storage of large items or big dry bags containing lots of small items e.g. clothes, camping gear, food etc. The spacious tankwell of the Tarpon 100 boasts more carrying capacity than previous 14 foot models.
Comfort carry handles at the bow, stern and sides // Make it easy to get your boat to and from the water.
Paddle holder // This is very useful when you want to have hands free on the water. It can also be used to carry your paddle to the water so you don’t have to make two trips.
Self bailing scupper holes // Any water that splashes or drips into the kayak immediately drains away.
Gear storage pockets // For sunscreen, snacks and other knick knacks you want to keep close at hand.
Cup holder // Who doesn’t need one of these?
Range of colours // Camo, desert camo, flint, midnight, dusk, mango, red, lime

The Tarpon 100 has a recommended retail price of $1,099. A full list of Wilderness Systems retailers in Australia can be found on the PaddlePro website.

The Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 is one of the fantastic prizes you could win if you purchase ‘The Paddler’s Guide to New South Wales 2nd Edition – Pre-order/Crowd Funding Bundle’ from the Global Paddler online store before the 31st of July 2015.

Tarpon 100 on the beach

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