What’s this about canoeing?

by Allana Bold from Rosco Canoes & Kayaks

So, at what point does one choose a canoe over other styles of paddle craft?

Owning a canoe will offer endless opportunities for adventure. Canoes have many benefits that traditional sit on top kayaks, touring kayaks and sea kayaks don’t offer.

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We remember back in the 60’s and 70’s when young boys built their own canoes out of tin and bitumen. It bought a sense of freedom of spirit, of ingenuity, of adventure. Many of these boys then went on to share the passion with their young families. Thirty and forty years on, we see these same people coming through looking for a canoe to share those same experiences with their kids. The canoe represents tradition, adventure and as technology develops; versatility.   The canoe is not just a canoe. It is a way to connect with your kids, your partner, your mates, a way to be inspired by nature.

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Due to the open configuration of a canoe there is ample room for camping equipment, fishing gear, crab pots and other creature comforts. This makes canoe tripping, touring and distance paddling a deluxe experience.  Options are endless when it comes to space in a canoe.

Been on a touring trip in a sea kayak or touring kayak and just don’t have enough room for your favourite pillow? Oh, you can’t take your pillow in a kayak! Been paddling with someone who can’t keep up? Had to leave your favourite gear at home? Esky doesn’t fit in the kayak? Kids want to have a go to? Want to expose the kids to the outdoors with you? A one hour trip, a half day picnic, an overnight adventure, a week-long tour, a grand 3 month expedition down the Murray River, the Whitsundays? A canoe fits the bill. A payload often in the hundreds of kilos will ensure you can take who and what you want.

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When paddling with kids, bomb diving and climbing back in, pulling in big fish, sailing, or just wanting peace of mind for someone who is nervous about being on the water, then attaching an outrigger is the solution. This is an arm that extends out from the canoe offering ultimate stability. It only takes minutes to attach and increases versatility.

Is someone not happy with getting wet while sitting in a craft? A canoe is the solution. Canoes offer a dry ride with the seats up off the ground offering a seating position much like in a chair. They are a fantastic choice for those with knee, leg or back pain.

The range of Rosco canoes are designed by paddlers for paddlers so it’s the little things that set a Rosco apart from the rest. One of those features being the clean simple interior and exterior lines. The simplicity of the inside of the hull ensures that cleaning is easy with no grooves or nooks and crannies to get sand stuck in. Thwarts in the mid section allow for structural integrity as well as being a base for the outrigger system to attach. Thwarts can also be used to lift the canoe, to raft canoes together and to tie in your camping gear.

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To increase alternate use in a canoe you can add a motor bracket and a motor – or consider a stern transom canoe so that the motor mount directly onto the canoe. A motor will assist in moving against the tide, make a long trip shorter or just make it easy.   A sail is another fantastic fun option. Canoeing does not have to be hard or an effort.

Want to head into the wilderness for days? A Royalex canoe is the answer for moving water. For trips such as the Clarence or the Nymboida the Royalex stands up to the abuse it’s given. Royalex is the chosen material by commercial operators in the USA and Rosco Canoes are the only manufacturer of this in the Southern hemisphere. The Royalex Chief is designed from our trusted and proven 15’ canoe.

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Not much is unsuitable for a canoe given the skill of the paddler.   Ross – designer and founder of Rosco Canoes was recently spotted doing a bit of R&D (research and development) in the surf of Stradbroke Island recently using a solo Scamper canoe!

If you’ve had kids grow up in Queensland it is highly likely they have had their first experience at school camp in a Rosco Canoe. Our products are highly sought after and renowned for quality of design and manufacture. They are Australian designed and made for Aussie conditions.

The Rosco Canoes range has a canoe to suit everyone. Here is a simple breakdown of each canoe and its benefits.

Rosco rangeFor more detail on any of these craft and more, connect with us.

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