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We all learn from a very young age that girls are not the same as boys, and the physical differences become more and more obvious as we grow older. Clothing designers have recognised this and created completely separate product ranges for men and women, but PFD (personal flotation device) manufacturers have been slow to make the distinction. Most PFDs available today are intended for use by both men and women, and that’s an idea that is fundamentally flawed.

Ultra Rewa PFD

Several years ago I gave my mum a new PFD. The shop I visited only had unisex designs, so that was what I bought her. It was the right size, but it didn’t fit her properly, and it was much too uncomfortable to wear. This wasn’t because her figure was unusual. In fact I am proud to say that she once won first prize in a lovely legs competition. It’s just that women are a different shape than men and need PFDs designed specifically for them.

Thankfully Ultra now has the Rewa PFD for ladies. They say “Rewa is our women’s specific paddling jacket with a contoured bust design to allow for extra movement in a paddling environment. While the Rewa is a mid-range jacket it has many high-end features with zip-up side pocket, back hydration pack pouch with drainage, and soft foam for extra comfort during long paddles.”

Rather than just take their word for it, I asked my lovely partner Janelle to put it through its paces. At first glance, she loved that the Rewa had a pretty but subtle hibiscus motif, and that it was available in hot pink. She says that the front entry design is great too because it means she can put it on without taking off her sunglasses or hat, or messing up her hair. On the water, she found the jacket incredibly comfortable. She said that it was the only PFD she has tried where there hasn’t been chafing of any kind and added that unlike other PFDs, she wasn’t dying to take it off as soon as she reached shore. There was even talk of wearing it around the house.

Janelle isn’t alone in her admiration of the Ultra Rewa PFD. When women looking for PFDs come in to see me on my visits to paddle sports retailers, they invariably try a range of brands and models. Almost every one of them walks out with a Rewa.

The current edition of the Rewa features:

  • Easy to use front entry design – zip and clip.
  • Stable buoyancy with over 6kg of upward thrust – to make sure you float.
  • Flexible PVC foam buoyancy with contoured bust design– for a comfortably snug fit.
  • 6 Adjustable side points and 2 adjustable shoulder points – to contour to the shape of your body.
  • 500 denier ripstop fabric – for greater durability.
  • Heavy duty 25mm webbing straps – made strong for greater durability.
  • Neoprene comfort zones – strategically placed between the webbing straps and your body to ensure that the jacket is supremely wearable.
  • Reinforced & bartacked stress points – ensuring that your PFD will always be in good working order when you need it.
  • Zip-up front pocket with mesh drainage – great for snacks, sunscreen, medicine, camera lens covers etc.
  • Rear hydration pocket – takes a 3 litre bladder with ease.
  • Lanyard attachment point – to tie essential items to the PFD e.g. camera, phone, compass etc.
  • Choice of colours – Safety gold (Level 50 – Type 2) for visibility, hot pink (Level 50S – Type 3), light blue (Level 50S – Type 3) or lime green (Level 50S – Type 3)

The Ultra Rewa PFD has a recommended retail price of just $125.00, and a full list of Ultra PFD Dealers can be found on the Ultra PFD website.

The Ultra Rewa PFD is one of the fantastic prizes you could win if you purchase ‘The Paddler’s Guide to New South Wales 2nd Edition – Pre-order/Crowd Funding Bundle’ from the Global Paddler online store before the 31st of July 2015.

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2 thoughts on “Ultra Rewa Ladies PFD

  1. I have just very recently purchased an Ultra Rewa and I love it. I spent almost 4 days on the water wearing it at all times and it is so comfortable I didn’t even notice I had it on. I capsized in rapids 3 times and it was great to be wearing it. I didn’t wear my last PFD as it was simply too uncomfortable, cumbersome and got in the way if I had a capsize and had to get back into the kayak so I would highly recommend this PFD to any women paddlers.

    The only issue is its lack of pockets – having worn a PFD on another kayak trip recently, that had large front mesh pockets which I constantly used, it is a bit disappointing that only one small pocket has been included. Despite this obvious annoying feature I still bought it and am REALLY happy that I did. I am prepared to put up with the lack of pockets simply because it is SO comfy to wear. If ULTRA add some more pockets in the future it will be a fantastic product.

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