Talic SeaHorse kayak stand

Kayaks and canoes love being on the water but they don’t love being left on the ground or leaned up against a wall because that is when they are prone to being scratched or even dented. Only the hardest of hearts wouldn’t have at some stage cringed at the thought of coarse sand, sharp shells, asphalt, cement or rocks wreaking havoc on the shiny surface of their precious babies, and the idea that you are aiding and abetting the process by putting them there in the first place is almost too hard to bear. Never fear. The Talic SeaHorse is here.

Talic SeaHorse in use

Rigging and cleaning your kayak when it is on the ground can be tricky and it often puts your back in a vulnerable position. Never fear. The Talic SeaHorse is here.

The Talic SeaHorse kayak stand is a portable pair of four legged slings that are designed to lift and cradle your craft when it is in storage or out by the water. It can hold up to 45 kilograms (80 pounds) in weight and comes in two heights; 53 centimetres (21 inches) and 79 centimetres (31 inches). The Talic SeaHorse is also self-levelling so it can be used on rough terrain like grassy fields and sandy beaches without wobbling.

Talic SeaHorse sizes

The legs of the Talic SeaHorse kayak stand are made from aircraft aluminium with a satin anodised finish. This makes them lightweight and salt water resistant. They also fold together when the stand is not in use to create two columns that are only 7.5 centimetres (3 inches) in diameter. Rubber “bundlers” which come with the Talic SeaHorse can be used to keep it neatly packed away.

Talic SeaHorse folded

Global Paddler uses the 79 centimetre version of the Talic SeaHorse for rigging, cleaning and storage of our kayaks. We couldn’t be happier with the product. It lets us reach deep inside cockpits for jobs like rudder adjustments and we can easily wash dirt and saltwater off every part of our boats without rolling them around on the ground. the Talic SeaHorse also folds away unobtrusively in the car. We don’t know how we ever did without it and we aren’t the only ones. The Talic SeaHorse has achieved a 9.53 out of 10 rating on paddling.net based on numerous reviews.

The Talic SeaHorse is an American product which is now available in Australia through Talicoz. The current (October 2015) price of the 53 centimetre version is $130.00 and the 79 centimetre version is $145 but it should be noted that prices can vary with exchange rates and freight costs. Please feel free to contact Talicoz for further information.

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