River Red Gums

by NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service

Take me to the river with the river red gums

Become acquainted with the mighty Murrumbidgee and Murray Rivers in the river red gum forests of southern NSW through the best way possible – on the river itself. Whether you’re a paddle sport expert or a humble novice, there’s a waterway experience just waiting for you. The river red gum forests not only provide the perfect setting for paddling through the waterways, they’re home to over 150 species of birds, giving you plenty to watch out for during your water adventure.

Family Canoeing - Barooga

Murray Valley National Park, D.Finnegan/OEH

Grab your canoe or kayak and begin your paddle along the mirrored reflections of Gulpa Creek near Mathoura in the Murray Valley Regional Park. If you’re an early bird, the first light of day always presents a beautiful vista. As you watch the sun break through the towering river red gums, absorb the beauty of the natural scenery and water life of this gorgeous pocket of paradise.

Middle Beach in the Murrumbidgee Valley National Park is also an ideal spot for canoeing and kayaking. Close to bush campsites in the surrounding river red gum forests, embark from the sandy river beach and reap the rewards of this lovely, quiet spot with a picnic lunch and a chance to explore this iconic waterway.

Launch your kayak from the shore of Regatta Beach when paddling around Yanga Lake in Yanga National Park and embrace the calm lakeside setting from the shade of the ancient river gums as you watch the migratory waterbirds before making your way back to camp.

Friends Canoeing – Barooga

Murray Valley National Park, D.Finnegan/OEH

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