Adelaide & South East

Want to know the best places to go kayaking, canoeing and stand up paddling in the Adelaide and South East regions of South Australia? These guides are free for Global Paddler members, and yearly memberships are available now from the Global Paddler online store. To download a detailed trip description for a great paddling destination with photos, paddle map, GPS coordinates, fishing information and recommended places to eat, drink and stay the night, simply click on its name in the table below.

Trip Locator Map for Adelaide & South East South Australia

1. Torrens Island During its colourful history, Torrens Island has been home to Kaurna Aboriginal people, dairy cattle, quarantine stations, World War I internment camps and power stations. It has also witnessed the birth of Royal Australian Navy vessels. If only islands could talk.
2. Barker Inlet Barker Inlet and its residents are protected by the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary, Barker Inlet – St Kilda Aquatic Reserve, Gulf St Vincent Important Bird Area, and Torrens Island Conservation Park. Everybody wants to look after this place because it is extra special.
3. Ships’ Graveyard Shipwrecks are exciting discoveries for anyone who spends time on the water. Each holds a promise of an intriguing maritime story from a time long, long ago. Just one wreck would be enough but this is an incomparable opportunity to visit over twenty-five in a single day.
4. West Lakes This is a suburban paddling venue with a lovely sense of camaraderie. Paddlers, rowers, and sailors float happily together and walkers, runners, and cyclists enjoy parklands on its shores. No matter what your pastime, everyone seems delighted to share a smile or a wave.
5. Onkaparinga River Every bridge that crosses a waterway opens a window to somewhere you’d rather be. There are seven bridges between Port Noarlunga and Old Noarlunga and each has a view of the sparkling Onkaparinga River. Isn’t it time you stopped looking and started paddling?
6. Goolwa Goolwa was the first inland port in Australia and once considered as a possible location for the capital of South Australia. Things are a lot mellower these days. Residents now take pride in being the first town outside of Europe to be recognised as a Cittaslow town.
7. Coorong Channel Coorong Channel is a truly remarkable place where you will unquestionably see hundreds of birds, there is a good chance you will meet both long-nosed fur seals and emus on the same day, and if you are very lucky you may even be delighted by pods of happy dolphins.
8. The Coorong The Coorong is a magnificent inland stretch of water that runs down the South Australian coast from the mouth of the Murray River. Water birds flock to it in huge numbers and emus patrol the shores. It is a bird watching paddler’s idea of paradise.
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