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Trip Locator Map for Riverland South Australia

1. Wilperna Island If someone gave you an opportunity to paddle on the majestic Murray River, take in the iconic Chowilla Floodplain, visit two shipwrecks from the first half of last century and see three Australian states from the water, all in a single day, would you take it? Well, what are you waiting for?
2. Slaney Island There are many ways to explore the legendary Chowilla Floodplain but this lap of Slaney Island might just be the most fun. An exciting ride on The Chute at the start of the day puts a smile on your face that doesn’t leave until long after it’s time to go home.
3. Calperum Station The wonderful wildlife and precious plants that call Calperum Station home have caught the attention of many an awe inspired visitor and ensured that this amazing place is now protected by a Biosphere Reserve, an Important Bird Area and a Ramsar Wetland of International Significance.
4. Nelbuck Island Nelbuck Island is in the Bulyong Island section of the Murray River National Park. The waters that surround it are a combination of small secluded creeks and the magnificent Murray River. These same waters also provide a barrier to entry by road or on foot. It’s a brilliant place to paddle and camp.
5. Tanyaca & Rumpagunyah Tanyaca and Rumpagunyah are two attractive, adventure-ready creeks attached to the Murray River near Renmark. They will always have special places in my heart and not just because they are good-looking and have cool names. It is mainly due to the way that word of them is spreading.
6. Bookpurnong Most visitors to Bookpurnong are delighted by its picturesque river cliffs and the peaceful Booky Cliffs Campground directly opposite. That alone is enough to satisfy all but the harshest of critics but there is a whole lot more hidden between the red gums and paddlers get to see it all.
7. Katarapko Creek Katarapko Creek is a 20 kilometre long anabranch of the Murray River that winds through the gorgeous Murray River National Park near Loxton. It is one of Australia’s most well-appointed canoe trails with heaps of road accessible campsites, several toilets and even a couple of boat ramps.
8. Nockburra Creek Nockburra Creek is an integral part of the much loved Loch Luna Game Reserve. Its labyrinth-like collection of channels and backwaters provide important habitat for a variety of native birds and animals and countless places for you to lose yourself for as long or as little as you like.
9. Overland Corner People have been paddling and camping at Overland Corner for thousands of years and there is no reason we should break with tradition now. This awesome place has free camping beside the magnificent Murray River, a famous pub a short walk away, and a celebrated winery across the water.
10. Waikerie Waikerie is a rural town with a stunning waterfront location. Expansive views from the top of ancient limestone cliffs are paired perfectly with multiple points of access to the Murray River. No visit to Waikerie is complete without seeing it from the water and paddling is the best way to do that.
11. Cadell The 2011 Census found that there were only 441 people living in Cadell and it doesn’t seem like much has changed since. Little Cadell is much quieter than the nearby towns of Morgan and Waikerie but its intriguing geology, colourful history and primary produce ensure that it isn’t lacking in character.
12. Morgan Whispers from the past are strong at Morgan. Hints to what it must have been like here hundreds, thousands and even millions of years ago are etched into the landscape and recorded in the relics of previous human activity. Launch into the Murray River at Morgan and immerse yourself in history.
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