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Want to know the best places to go kayaking, canoeing, and stand up paddleboarding in Australia? Global Paddler online guides are more than just maps and directions. Each paddle trail is described with warmth and enthusiasm and treated like a voyage of discovery. Logistical details are supplemented with historical information, local points of interest, and quirky facts, so kayakers, canoeists, and stand up paddleboarders can immerse themselves in every adventure. Global Paddler’s extensive range of paddle guides to more than 380 paddle trails makes finding the best places easy. To see the online guides for a particular state, simply click on its name below. Click here for a free sample.

Global Paddler members have unlimited access to all Global Paddler online guides. Memberships can be purchased from the Global Paddler online store.

Global Paddler has been creating paddle trails for Australian waterways since 2007.

New South Wales



South Australia

Many Global Paddler online guides are also contained in Global Paddler guidebooks; The Paddler’s Guide to New South Wales 2nd Edition, The Paddler’s Guide to South Australia, The Paddler’s Guide to Queensland, The Paddler’s Guide to Victoria and The Paddler’s Guide to Melbourne. Global Paddler guidebooks can be purchased from the Global Paddler online store and selected retailers.

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