KanuLock tie-down straps

I spend a lot of time on the road researching new guides for Global Paddler and I can’t always be watching the kayaks, canoes, and stand up paddleboards (SUPs) that are strapped to the roof of my car. It would be nice to be able to walk away to see local attractions, do the groceries, or partake in the food and beverages on offer in local establishments safe in the knowledge that my gear will be there when I come back, but unfortunately that just isn’t possible. In order to be able to do these things with some peace of mind, I needed to find a convenient way of locking a variety of watercraft to my car.

KanuLock KayakLike many other people, my first solution to the problem was to loop a twisted wire cable or bike lock around the roof rack and through any available attachment point on the craft. This was reasonably effective but I have found that the cables can bite into the boat and not all craft have attachment points e.g. stand up paddleboards. It also adds an extra step to the load and unload processes at the beginning and end of every day and that is time that could be better spent doing other important things like paddling.

KanuLock stainless steel reinforced lockable tie-downs are a much better solution. These attach your kayak, canoe or SUP to your roof racks in the same way as ordinary tie-downs, but they also feature a keyed lock on the cam fastener and webbing straps reinforced with stainless steel twisted wire cables. These are invaluable features that mean your equipment can only be removed by someone with the key or specialised cutting tools which are unlikely to be in the possession of people simply walking by. KanuLock tie-down straps cannot be cut with a knife and the sight of the brightly coloured locks is usually enough of a deterrent for most would be thieves.

KanuLock lockable tie-down straps come in four lengths; 2.5 metres, 3.3 metres, 4.0 metres, and 5.4 metres. Prices range from $79.95 to $99.95. They cost a little more than ordinary tie-downs, but no more than it would to purchase a good cable and lock in addition to your regular straps. It is also a small price to pay for lifetime insurance on your valuable equipment. I have a 2.5 metre set for SUPs, a 3.3 metre set for kayaks, and a 4.0 metre set for canoes.

KanuLock stainless steel reinforced lockable tie-down straps are available now from www.kanulock.com and selected retailers.

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