Globy does Bundy

Our stocks of The Paddler’s Guide to Queensland are starting to get low. That means it is time for us to begin putting the 2nd Edition together. With that in mind, we are reigniting our research next week with a discovery tour of the waterways around Bundaberg.


  • Sat 6/3: Caboolture River at Caboolture (on the way to Bundy)
  • Sun 7/3: Burrum River at Howard
  • Mon 8/3: Kolan River at Bucca Weir
  • Tue 9/3: No paddling
  • Wed 10/3: Burnett River at Cedars Crossing
  • Thu 11/3: Baffle Creek at Winfield
  • Fri 12/3: Yandara Creek at Avondale
  • Sat 13/3: Elliott River at Elliott Heads
  • Sun 14/3: Theodolite Creek at Woodgate
Globy does Bundy - Lake Monduran

If you are a Global Paddler member with the appropriate fitness, skills, and equipment to paddle up to 20 kilometres in a day, you are more than welcome to join us on any day. We’d love to meet up with you. No bookings, insurance, or fees are involved. By taking part, you are accepting full responsibility for your own equipment, ability, and safety.

Paddle guides for the best places to go paddling around Bundaberg will be published on the Global Paddler website over the coming months. They will also be included in The Paddler’s Guide to Queensland 2nd Edition when it is released.

Please note that the Global Paddler office will be running on skeleton staff while we are away. This means it may take longer than usual to process orders and respond to questions. Rest assured, all orders will be filled as soon as we get back on the 15th of March, if not before. We appreciate your patience while we are on the water.

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2 thoughts on “Globy does Bundy

  1. Love the paddling opportunities round Bundy. Wish I could join you?. Just one thought- Kolan river at Smiths Crossing is prettier than at Bucca. Also check out Lake Gregory.
    Well that’s what I think anyway.
    . Have fun.

    • Hi Helen, Thanks for those tips. We understand that both Bucca Weir and Smiths Crossing are great. Smiths Crossing was actually part of our original itinerary but we have postponed it to a later visit because our local expert told us the water level is a little low there at the moment. Next time…

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