Current Designs Whistler kayak

The Whistler is a member of the Current Designs transitional kayak family. Transitional kayaks are touring kayaks which sit comfortably and affordably in the gap between recreational kayaks and performance kayaks. They are stable enough for beginners but they also reward good paddling skills and encourage development.

Current Designs Whistler On Shore

This is a fantastic option for paddlers wanting to move up from a recreational kayak or simply start out with a seaworthy transitional design. Its upswept bow makes it highly maneuverable and also helps keep you dry when waves kick up. The Whistler is great for activity oriented paddlers like photographers or anglers.

The Whistler is made in the USA from rotationally moulded polyethylene. The construction process involves melting polyethylene powder in a closed rotating metal mould to form a complete kayak hull and deck in a fraction of the time required for other construction methods. Current Designs has taken rotomoulding to the next level with high-tech process controls which produce the lightest possible rotomoulded kayaks. Linear high density polyethylene is used in all models to maximise stiffness without sacrificing impact strength. Current Designs’ polyethylene maintains its integrity over a broad temperature range and had added stabilisers giving it increased protection from harmful ultraviolet rays and oxidisation. Current Designs’ rotomoulded kayaks are affordable, ultra tough, highly durable and will hold up to more significant abuse than composite constructions.

Vital Statistics

Length // 441cm
Width // 61cm
Depth // 37.5cm
Weight // 25.8kg
Max load // 181.5kg
Cockpit // 41.9cm x 94.6cm
Bow hatch // Opening: 24.1cm x 24.1cm, Volume: 60.5 litres
Stern hatch // Opening: 27.9cm x 41.9cm, Volume: 83.2 litres

Current Designs Whistler Front


Fish form // Widest ahead of the cockpit, Fish form kayaks have a more blunt entry but will have a more slender exit through the water. The bows typically have more flare and are usually more buoyant than others. This enables our shorter boats to be excellent surf zone kayaks. Longer kayaks benefit from this feature in large seas.
Soft chines // A smooth transition from the bottom of the hull to the sides. Soft chines give smooth edging at unlimited angles.
Shallow V hull // A “V” shape at the keel line improves tracking. It also gives the boat a lively feel while delivering comfortable stability.
Keyhole cockpit // A keyhole cockpit blends the openness of a recreational cockpit with the integrated thigh braces of a touring cockpit. The result is an easy to enter and exit cockpit that offers performance, fit and solid connectivity to the kayak.

Current Designs Whistler Back


Revolution Seating System // This one-of-a-kind rotating axis seat gives unmatched full contact under-leg support. Quickly adjustable with a lever-lock system, you can customize the seat’s position for your personal paddling style and comfort level. Contoured plush foam padding covers the bottom and sides of the seat allowing for hours of luxurious paddling comfort.
Dimension Adjustable Seat Back // A fully articulating and height/angle adjustable back rest. This dynamic combination creates the most comfortable and ergonomically functional seating system ever seen.
Thigh pads // Foam thigh pads under the coaming increase leg and knee comfort while bracing.
Roto Foot Brace // Injection moulded nylon sliding foot brace and rudder control offer simple adjustments and use.
Optional rudder // Durable foiled blade, foot controlled rudder increases directional control even in windy conditions.
Hatch Covers // Stern hatch has a rubber cover. Bow hatch has a rubber cover and a strapped hard cover for extra water protection.
Foam bulkheads // Essential for safety (inbuilt flotation) and useful for dry storage.
Range of colours // Mango, red, yellow, white, lime

Current Designs Whistler Happy

The Whistler with rudder is available from Global Paddler for only $2,050.

Shipping: Price does not include shipping. Free pickup from Global Paddler in Ballina, NSW. $50 for delivery to anywhere in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. Please contact Global Paddler to ask about delivery costs to other parts of Australia. International deliveries are unfortunately not possible at this stage.

Please get in touch with us via the contact us page on the Global Paddler website if you would like more information.
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Current Designs Whistler

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