Current Designs Solstice GT sea kayak

The Solstice family of kayaks has long been the pride of the Current Designs Performance Touring Kayak fleet. The Solstice GT is the flagship of the fleet and the most popular composite kayak ever made. It is also the current craft of choice for Scott Rawstorne from Global Paddler.

Current Designs Solstice GT

The Solstice GT delivers a predictable feel while slicing cleanly through the water. Like all Solstices, the GT has outstanding acceleration, glide, and tracking and can cover serious distance in a hurry. The ample storage areas have enough room for excursions on the biggest waters of the world.

Current Designs makes the Solstice in three cockpit sizes to ensure a perfect fit for almost every paddler. The smallest model is the GTS, the largest is the GT Titan and the GT sits in between those. All three sizes can be purchased through Global Paddler.

Murray River - Walker Flat

The fibreglass version of the Solstice GT is made in the USA from vacuum-bagged fibreglass laminate and is a notch above most other fiberglass products on the market. Vacuum-bagging allows Current Designs to select and place reinforcing materials to provide optimal strength and stiffness properties without adding unnecessary weight. The result is a superbly crafted composite kayak that’s impeccably finished inside and out.

The Solstice GT is also available in Kevlar®. Current Designs use genuine Dupont Kevlar® in their kayaks. You’ll notice the lightness of Kevlar® kayaks the first time you pick one up and you will appreciate how easy it is to lift them on and off the car.  You will also love its intimate responsiveness on the water.

Vital Statistics

Length // 536cm
Width // 62cm
Depth // 36cm
Weight // 24.5kg fibreglass or 22.2kg Kevlar®
Max load // 215.5kg
Cockpit // 41.9cm x 83.8cm
Bow hatch // Opening: 19.0cm x 39,4cm, Volume: 71.8 litres
Stern hatch // Opening: 21.67cm x 41.9cm, Volume: 128.5 litres

Current Designs Solstice GT


Fish form // Widest ahead of the cockpit, Fish form kayaks have a more blunt entry but will have a more slender exit through the water. The bows typically have more flare and are usually more buoyant than others. This enables our shorter boats to be excellent surf zone kayaks. Longer kayaks benefit from this feature in large seas.
Soft chines // A smooth transition from the bottom of the hull to the sides. Soft chines give smooth edging at unlimited angles.
Shallow V hull // A “V” shape at the keel line improves tracking. It also gives the boat a lively feel while delivering comfortable stability.
Touring cockpit // Touring cockpits are somewhat small to help resist imploding of the spray skirt if hit by a large wave in rough water. They include built-in thigh braces on the cockpit rim to maximize control when edging and rolling.

Current Designs Composite Hatch Cover

Current Designs Composite Hatch Cover


Built-in thigh braces // To maximize control when edging and rolling.
Sea-lect Designs Foot Pedal/Brace // Pivoting pedal style foot brace which is easily adjustable from the cockpit. It is designed to be maintenance free, self clearing and corrosion resistant.
Rudder // All Current Designs North American style kayaks feature a durable foot controlled foiled blade rudder that creates steering efficiency and offers superior control in windy conditions. This can be upgraded to the SmartTrack Control System at additional cost upon request.
Compression hatch covers // Most composite North American style models have hatch covers that sit flush with the deck and feature a rubber gasket that seats perfectly into the molded deck recess. Our hatch cam strap system compresses the gasket to form a water tight seal.
Foam bulkheads // Essential for safety (inbuilt flotation) and useful for dry storage.
Composite seam // A stronger and lighter composite seam that allows you to choose a custom seam color to make you kayak uniquely yours.
Optional Dimension Adjustable Seat Back // The Solstice GT features the Current Designs seat with a comfortable foam back pad. This can be upgraded to the Dimension Adjustable Seat Back which is a fully articulating and height/angle adjustable backrest. This dynamic combination creates the most comfortable and ergonomically functional seating system ever seen. Ask for price.
Optional deck mounted Ritchie Compass // For enhanced navigation capability. Ask for price.
Range of composite colours // Carribean, tangerine, lime, mango, magenta, regatta blue, yellow, smoke, red

Current Designs Composite Colours

Current Designs Composite Colours

The fibreglass Solstice GT is available from Global Paddler for $3,750. The Kevlar® version is $4,150.

We believe that it is important for people to try a range of kayaks before they make a buying decision so we offer test paddles in the Northern Rivers region of NSW and our staff are more than happy to spend an hour with you providing expert advice and tuition while you try up to three of the models that we have in stock.

Shipping: Price does not include shipping. Free pickup from Global Paddler in Ballina NSW. $50 for delivery to anywhere in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. Please contact Global Paddler to ask about delivery costs to other parts of Australia. International deliveries are unfortunately not possible at this stage.

Please get in touch with us via the contact us page on the Global Paddler website if you would like more information.
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