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Globy goes to SA

Onkaparinga River - Feature photo by Jane Merritt South Australia is the next Australian state to get its very own series of Global Paddler online guides. These will also be included in a paddling guidebook for the state which is to be called The Paddler’s Guide to South Australia. We currently only have 2 online guides for South Australian waterways but that’s all […]

What’s this about canoeing?

Canoes Feature Photo by Allana Bold from Rosco Canoes & Kayaks So, at what point does one choose a canoe over other styles of paddle craft? Owning a canoe will offer endless opportunities for adventure. Canoes have many benefits that traditional sit on top kayaks, touring kayaks and sea kayaks don’t offer. We remember back in the 60’s […]

Canoe Fishing 101

Canoe Fishing 101 - Feature Photo by Simon Fitzpatrick from Northern Rivers Sportfishing There I was standing on the surface, like Jesus walking on the water. Only I didn’t have to walk. As the river moved me along, I could see occasional big green fish in eddies behind the rocks. Immediately I would snap out a cast and hope to connect […]

Wetland Photography Prize

Photo feature: Gary Steer, Water lilies WetlandCare Australia, the leading Australian not-for-profit wetland conservation organization has launched their 8th annual Photography Prize, held to celebrate wetlands and all things water-related. There are fantastic prizes worth over $3000 on offer this year and there will be a Youth Prize awarded in each category to acknowledge the great work young people are doing […]

Gippsland Lakes Paddle Challenge 2015

Gippsland Lakes Paddle Challenge The Gippsland Lakes Paddle Challenge is an annual opportunity to test your paddling skills on one of Victoria’s most picturesque and intriguing inland water systems.  Experience the open water conditions of the Gippsland Lakes and see the spectacular man-made entrance on 90 Mile Beach that allows the lakes to run into Bass Strait. The next […]