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Globy returns to SA

Globy returns to SA Feature Photo The team at Global Paddler is currently hard at work on an exciting new range of paddle guides for South Australia. Three destinations have been published on the Global Paddler website, nineteen more have already been researched and are awaiting publication, and in March 2016, Scott Rawstorne from Global Paddler is heading back to the […]

Kayak for Kids 2016

Kayak for Kids Feature Photo Lifestart Kayak for Kids is an inspirational paddling challenge which takes place on Sydney Harbour every year to support children with a disability or developmental delay. Disabilities can range from the more widely known Down syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder to much rarer genetic disorders. Kayak for Kids enables Lifestart to build community awareness about […]

Three days in Venice

Three days in Venice - Feature Photo WORDS: Scott Rawstorne. PICTURES: Scott Rawstorne, Janelle Rae & René Seindal. Somewhere in the outer limits of your subconscious, there is a list of amazing adventures that you imagine would be wonderful to experience but they have been filed away because they seem too outrageous to ever eventuate. It is a list that is lengthened in the […]

NSW trip locator maps

NSW Trip Locator Maps Feature Global Paddler has the fastest growing range of expertly produced online paddle guides for Australian waterways. There are currently 288 destinations online with more than 50 new ones added every year. In order to make it simple for you to choose your next paddling destination or plan a longer adventure, we are enhancing the Global […]

Let’s go fishing

Global Paddler Fishing Photo 1 In Australia, anyone who goes channel surfing on a weekend afternoon is sure to find an hour or two of television programming dedicated entirely to fishing. There’s a good reason for that. It is one of the most popular pastimes in the country. In 2003, The National Recreational and Indigenous Fishing Survey reported that “An […]