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Rainforest Birds of Australia’s “Wet Tropics”

Rainforest Birds of Australia's "Wet Tropics" The lone paddler is a graceful and elegant creature moving silently through the landscape. No sharp noises or sudden movements; no roaring of engines, rumbling of tyres, or falling of feet; just the occasional drop of water falling from the end of a lifted paddle blade. The lone paddler’s gentle touch on the environment is rewarded with wildlife encounters that the non-paddler […]

Malone Seawing Kayak Carrier & Stinger Load Assist

SS Combo Like anyone who has been paddling for a while, I am constantly looking for new and better ways to transport my kayaks to the water. I recently decided to give the Malone Seawing Kayak Carrier & Stinger Load Assist (SS Combo) a go and found it to be easily the best solution I have tried. […]