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Sea to Summit Blitz Booties – Product Review

Sea to Summit Blitz Booties Feature Photo WORDS: Scott Rawstorne from Global Paddler. As a paddle sports tour guide and instructor, I need comfortable paddling footwear that offers great grip and a high level of protection from oyster shells and other nasties. I also want it to be “set and forget”. Distractions of any kind resulting from footwear that is poorly designed or constructed […]

The tides they are a-changin’

Tides - Coffin Bay WORDS & PICTURES: Scott Rawstorne from Global Paddler.  Anyone who has spent time at the seaside or beside an estuary will have noticed that the water level is not constant. It rises and falls on a regular basis. Particularly perceptive people will also have noticed that water is pushed into estuaries as the sea level rises […]

Canoe Adventures – Riverland, SA

Canoe Adventures Riverland Feature Paddlers have always known that spending time on a river is good for the mind, the body and the soul but who knew that there is now a name for it? River time. It’s a thing. The people of the Riverland region of South Australia are blessed with a wonderful position on the glorious Murray […]

East Coast Kayaking Sea Starter Course

East Coast Kayaking Sea Starter Course Feature Photo “Even the shortest journeys by kayak are true voyages of discovery. It may be along a familiar bit of tree-lined coast or in and out of the jetties and moorings of some seaport town or city. Wherever it may be, you will see the world, your companions, and yourself from a completely different angle; and […]

Sea to Summit Solid Wheel Sit-On-Top Cart – Product Review

Sea to Summit Sit-On-Top Cart Feature Photo WORDS: Scott Rawstorne from Global Paddler. If you own a recreational sit-on-top (SOT) kayak and you are finding the process of getting to the water cumbersome then it is time you invested in a cart (aka trolley). If you want to ensure that your kayak won’t slip off your cart along the way, then it is […]