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Paddlers have always known that spending time on a river is good for the mind, the body and the soul but who knew that there is now a name for it? River time. It’s a thing.

The people of the Riverland region of South Australia are blessed with a wonderful position on the glorious Murray River so they are literally swimming in ‘river time’. Thankfully, they aren’t keeping it all to themselves. Friendly, welcoming people like Kym Werner and Karen Werner from the family owned and operated Canoe Adventures – Riverland, SA are more than happy to serve a generous slice of ‘river time’ to anyone who pays them a visit.

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Canoe Adventures is based in Berri in the heart of the Riverland, only 3 hours from Adelaide. The Riverland is home to a remarkable network of wetlands and waterways meandering through national parks and internationally recognized reserves. Canoe Adventures have 3 great options that enable you to really experience its unique beauty.

  1.  Hire a sit inside kayak, a sit on top kayak, or a canoe to do your own exploring.
  2.  Join a relaxed guided tour through the wetlands.
  3.  Overnight Canoe Camping – one night or as long as you like.

Canoe Adventures Riverland Photo 2

Canoe Adventures can provide almost everything you need for your expedition – guided or self-supported. Their kayaks and canoes are very stable. No previous experience is necessary and basic skills training is always available at no extra cost. PFDs (lifejackets) are provided with all hires.

Isn’t it about time you had some more ‘river time’? For more information or to make a booking, please go to the Canoe Adventures – Riverland, SA website or call Kym on 0421 167 645.

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