Bomber Gear Blitz Splash Top

The Bomber Gear Blitz Splash Top is for everyone who has ever had a fantastic day on the water cut short or ruined by that terrible feeling of being cold to the bone. Thermals, fleeces, and merino provide great insulation against the air temperature, but they don’t cut the mustard when the air is moving, the water starts splashing around, or the rain starts to fall, and lets face it, there is a strong chance that one or more of those factors will be at play a lot of the time. That’s when you need the windproof and waterproof Bomber Gear Blitz Splash Top.

Blitz on Thomson River at Sale

You might be saying to yourself “I already have a good rain jacket, I’ll just use that.” It is true that most rain jackets are windproof and waterproof, but there are several reasons why a custom made paddling jacket like Bomber Gear Blitz Splash Top is better.

  1. The Blitz is made from 2-ply highly breathable fabric. Moisture build up on the inside of non-breathable rain jackets will leave you feeling sweaty and uncomfortable.
  2. The Blitz is lightweight. Some rain jackets can be heavy and cumbersome.
  3. The Blitz does not have a hood. Many rain jackets have integrated hoods that act as anchors if you go for a swim and that is very dangerous.
  4. The Blitz is ergonomically designed with paddlers in mind. The body is short so you won’t sit on it and the arms are cut to allow total freedom of movement.
  5. The Blitz has a water resistant neck opening made of a tri-panel polyurethane coated nylon with a hook-and-loop neck closure system. This prevents water trickling down your neck like it does if you wear a normal rain jacket without a hood.
  6. The Blitz has a water resistant cone-shaped cuffs with SlickSkin for added seal. These prevent water from splashing or wicking up inside your sleeves like it does with standard rain jackets.
  7. The Blitz has a polyurethane coated nylon waist with draw to stop water splashing up into the body.
  8. The long sleeved version of the Blitz has a handy pocket on the sleeve. The front pockets on other rain coats will be blocked by your PFD.

There are separate tailor-made versions of the Bomber Gear Blitz Splash Top for men and women. Each has a recommended retail price of $149.00 and is available from your nearest Bomber Gear retailer. A full list of Bomber Gear retailers in Australia can be found on the PaddlePro website.

Bomber Gear Blitz Splash Jacket

I wore my Bomber Gear Blitz Splash Top on pretty much every day of my recent Globy does Gippsland research trip and always felt completely warm and dry. I am therefore delighted to recommend it to any other touring paddler who wants to feel the same way on their big adventures.

Blitz on Tambo River at Swan Reach

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