Canoe Fishing 101

Canoe Fishing 101 - Feature Photo by Simon Fitzpatrick from Northern Rivers Sportfishing There I was standing on the surface, like Jesus walking on the water. Only I didn’t have to walk. As the river moved me along, I could see occasional big green fish in eddies behind the rocks. Immediately I would snap out a cast and hope to connect […]

Wilderness Systems Aspire 105 Kayak

Aspire 105 Feature By Christian Chatenay from PaddlePro As a brand the Wilderness Systems range of kayaks has become a global leader in developing and producing kayaks that people love to paddle. From the Tarpon series of sit on tops to the Tempest range of sea kayaks Wilderness has a habit (a good one at that!) of offering […]

Surf Ski or Kayak?

Surf Ski Feature Photo by Helen Morrow from Paddlecraft Kayaks In the paddling world, one of the biggest changes in the past few years has been the amount of paddlers abandoning their kayaks and jumping onto the more stable surf skis now being offered by many manufacturers. Whether it is the baby boomers shunning their sea kayaks, a mid […]

Dagger Alchemy Kayak

Dagger Alchemy Feature Photo By Scott Rawstorne If your kayaking experience extends to years rather than days then you will have undoubtedly come to the realisation that there simply isn’t one kayak that is suitable for all conditions. The question “How many kayaks does one person need?” will invariably spark a long and impassioned discussion around the riverside campfire. […]

Wetland Photography Prize

Photo feature: Gary Steer, Water lilies WetlandCare Australia, the leading Australian not-for-profit wetland conservation organization has launched their 8th annual Photography Prize, held to celebrate wetlands and all things water-related. There are fantastic prizes worth over $3000 on offer this year and there will be a Youth Prize awarded in each category to acknowledge the great work young people are doing […]