Globy does Bundy

Globy does Bundy - Lake Monduran Our stocks of The Paddler’s Guide to Queensland are starting to get low. That means it is time for us to begin putting the 2nd Edition together. With that in mind, we are reigniting our research next week with a discovery tour of the waterways around Bundaberg. Itinerary Sat 6/3: Caboolture River at Caboolture (on […]

NSW 3rd Edition Due Date

The Paddler's Guide to New South Wales 3rd Edition Photo Montage Thank you to everyone who has preordered The Paddler’s Guide to New South Wales 3rd Edition. We really appreciate your patience during a process that has been much longer than anticipated with many unexpected twists and turns. Thankfully, we now have a due date for the book. It will be landing at Global Paddler HQ […]

Ultra Trek AS4758 Lifejacket

Ultra Trek AS4758 Lifejacket Action Shot WORDS: Scott Rawstorne, Global Paddler It’s no secret I have long been a fan of the Ultra Trek lifejacket. There are many good reasons for that. The Ultra Trek has been through a series of evolutions and each of them has been consistently better than the last. Ultra PFD is an Australian business that spends […]

PGNSW3 Preorder Update

185 indisputable reasons why it is great to be a paddler Thank you to everyone who has preordered the 3rd Edition of The Paddler’s Guide to New South Wales. We have some good news, some not-so-good news, and some more good news. The first good news is the content is now complete. All the research has been done, the information has been compiled, and the layout […]

Tough is Not Enough

Tough is Not Enough Book by Steve Posselt How a journey through three continents with a kayak changed a climate warrior Tough is Not Enough is an important and captivating book that covers Steve Posselt’s journey from Canberra to Sydney, New Orleans to New York, Portishead to Paris for COP 21, and then Ballina to Canberra, a trip spanning three continents over twelve […]