Wilderness Systems Aspire 105 Kayak

By Christian Chatenay from PaddlePro

As a brand the Wilderness Systems range of kayaks has become a global leader in developing and producing kayaks that people love to paddle. From the Tarpon series of sit on tops to the Tempest range of sea kayaks Wilderness has a habit (a good one at that!) of offering up craft that are desirable, technically focused and widely regarded as good value for money.

The recreation sit inside market has had a few NEW players enter the market over the past few years. But most of these designs have had a mixed response at best, mostly overshadowed by the dominance of the sit on top kayaks. With the introduction of the Aspire 105, Wilderness Systems has gone back to the drawing board and delivered a sit inside crossover kayak that has earned rave reviews overseas and has been exceptionally well received by the Australian market.

Aspire 105 Mango

The Aspire 105 ticks a lot of boxes for all types of paddlers. This NEW category of recreation crossover craft makes for a delightful woman’s craft while anglers will love the amazing backrest, stability and space to work with. Quite simply this little kayak punches above its weight.

If you are in the market for a small kayak to take on moving rivers, estuaries and lakes , than the Aspire 105 will provide both the tracking ability of a larger craft and the most comfortable ride in its class. The crossover term essentially means that the kayak has all the qualities to use in both flat water and fast moving grade 1-2 rapids

So lets look at what makes the Aspire 105 tick and why it is redefining the recreation sit inside market in Australia.


This is where the magic happens!

Wilderness Systems has always been renowned for its hulls. The Aspire 105 is both stable and manoeuvrable with the sort of stability that would make a first timer feel at home and a fisherman confident that his gear will not end up in the drink.

The introduction of an adjustable skeg (a fin in the rear of the craft that retracts up and down) also means that no matter what the conditions, choppy or windy the Aspire 105 provides direct tracking for the paddler. Normally only found on larger sea kayaks, the addition of an adjustable skeg is truly groundbreaking and a highlight of the Aspire 105.

I have paddled many small kayaks and I can categorically say that the Aspire 105 is the best tracking craft in its class.


All paddlers like a few creature comforts and Wilderness has offered up a host of market leading features on the Aspire. Made of high quality polyethylene plastic , it is both tough and light.

  1. Roomy cockpit – The cockpit has been designed to offer plenty of open leg room. Many people do not like being cramped in a kayak, the Aspire offers a feeling of freedom and at the same time keeps you dry and protected from the elements.
  2. Phase 3 Air Pro seating system – A fully adjustable seat that is provides a full lumbar support for the most fastidious of backs. The seat also offers a leg support that supports under the leg and a backrest that can rise or lower depending on the paddlers requirements. The mesh cover that covers the closed cell foam offers tremendous breathe-ability and is quick drying when put away in storage.
  3. Orbix Hatch – a simple lever mechanism provides access to the rear storage compartment.
  4. Bungy cords – multiple locations across the deck allow for storage of larger items.
  5. Console – a moulded console in front of the cockpit allows for drink bottles, keys and small items that are easily accessible from the seat.
  6. Adjustable skeg – controlled from the seat by a little lever. The skeg allows you to trim your kayak to the conditions.
  7. Carry handles fore and aft.

Aspire 105 Seat


All Wilderness models are made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty on the hull. For the latest colour range please contact your local dealer.


Length : 3.2m

Width 74cm

Weight : 22kg

Capacity : 182kg


The Aspire 105 is the ideal craft for anybody who wants a compact kayak that will take you on the adventure of your choice. Easy to load onto a car and transport to the waters edge, it makes for a great day tripper, but also offers enough storage for an overnight trip or fishing gear requirements.

Aspire 105 Photo

Both males and females will be equally charmed by this little kayak and enjoy the freedom and comfort of a craft that truly punches above its class.

I recommend a closer look at the Wilderness Systems Aspire 105 at your nearest dealer.


Distributor : Paddle Pro Pty ltd

Website : www.paddlepro.com.au or www.wildernesssystems.com.au

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