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Advertising your business through Global Paddler is the best way to promote your products and services to a large and qualified audience of dedicated Australian paddlers.

Global Paddler is the most prolific creator of paddle guides for Australian waterways.  A new guide is uploaded to this website at an average of one per week and we have created a series of guidebooks which includes The Paddler’s Guide to New South Wales (1st & 2nd editions), The Paddler’s Guide to Queensland, The Paddler’s Guide to Victoria, The Paddler’s Guide to Melbourne, and The Paddler’s Guide to South Australia. Product reviews and paddling related articles are posted to our blog regularly and emailed to our members and subscribers on a monthly basis.

Audience numbers

These are the average monthly usage statistics for the Global Paddler website for the first 3 months of 2017.

  • 11,818 unique visitors per month
  • 16,794 visits per month
  • 137,826 page views per month
  • 475,081 hits per month

The Global Paddler website currently has more than 1,350 members and subscribers.

The Global Paddler Facebook page currently has around 5,850 friends.

Global Paddler books are sold through the Global Paddler online store and a network of more than 50 retail outlets. Close to 7,800 copies have been sold and our readership is much higher than that. Unlike magazines which come out monthly or quarterly and get recycled after they are read, our books have been on display in shops for close to five years now and are now a permanent source of reference material in people’s homes.


Global Paddler’s aim is to get as many people into paddling as we possibly can and we love promoting and supporting businesses who are also dedicated to that goal. That’s why our rates are so incredibly low in comparison to any other promotional opportunity that will enable you to reach such a large audience of dedicated paddlers.

  • Sidebar ad (300px wide by 125px tall) with a link to your website at the top of the sidebar of every page of for a period of one year = $1,995. *** Only one left. ***
  • Header banner ad (468px wide by 60px tall) with a link to your website in the header of every page of for a period of one year = $1,750. *** Not currently available. ***
  • Home page banner ad (580px wide by 75px tall) with a link to your website in the body of the home page of for a period of one year = $900.
  • Banner ad (580px wide by 75px tall) with a link to your website in the body of any page of other than the home page for a period of one year = $600. *** Some pages have been taken but there are more available. ***
  • Advertorial in Water Views blog and monthly Water Views newsletter (article appears in both) with words and images provided by you = $250.

Global Paddler can provide FREE assistance with artwork design if required.

If you would like to book space or discuss possible changes to the above arrangements to suit your needs, please get in touch with Scott Rawstorne at Global Paddler via the contact us page of this website.