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Choosing the right paddle is almost as important as choosing the right craft when it comes to ensuring that your time on the water will be enjoyable. That’s why I have very specific requirements when it comes to deciding which European style double bladed paddles I will use to propel my kayaks.

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My paddle of choice has to be lightweight, durable, and powerful. It must be able to be broken down for easy transportation and storage but not rattle when it is put together, and adjustable length and feathering is also very desirable. I am also extremely partial to drip rings as these prevent water from running down the paddle shaft and onto my expensive camera gear. There was a definite hallelujah moment when I discovered the Search Glass paddle by Adventure Technology because it meets all of these requirements and more. I was delighted to find that the shaft is also oval shaped in both hand positions making it suitable for left and right handed paddlers and the drip rings are extra large providing more protection for my equipment.

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The Search Glass is in Adventure Technology’s Sport range, which is designed to offer versatility, durability, performance, and ergonomics to entry level or budget conscious paddlers. Their website explains that it has a “a high angle style blade” and is “designed with less dihedral for added efficiency, an ideal feature for all-around touring.”


Blade material // Glass reinforced nylon
Shaft material // Carbon fibreglass blend
Two piece
// Yes
Adjustable feathering // Yes
Available lengths // 210cm, 220cm, 230cm – with 10cm adjustment
Blade size
// 602 sq cm
Weight // 1035g

It  is true that there are lighter paddles on the market but that usually requires a trade off with durability that I am not prepared to make and an increase in cost that I can do without. The Search Glass paddle is very reasonable priced at only AU$199 and its wight compares very favourably with similarly priced paddles on the market today.

I am very happy with my Search Glass paddle and I look forward to using it extensively for many years to come.

A full list of Adventure Technology retailers in Australia can be found on the PaddlePro website.

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