320 top paddling destinations

The Global Paddler website now contains paddle guides for a massive 320 great kayaking, canoeing and stand up paddling destinations. Global Paddler members have unlimited access to all of these guides and annual membership is still only $44.95. That’s less than 15 cents per destination. Alternatively, you can get three years of membership for just $88.90. That’s three years for the price of two. Global Paddler memberships are available now from the Global Paddler online store.

320 top paddling destinations post

Global Paddler guides contain so much more than just waterway access points and maps. Our guides are created with love for people who love paddling. They are the only ones for which the answer to each of the following questions is “yes”.

  • Has each guide been written by someone who has actually paddled at the destination themselves?
  • Has each guide has been written or verified by a qualified paddling instructor with 10 years’ experience in writing paddle guides?
  • Does each guide have its own map that is in many cases more accurate than Google Maps?
  • Are there colour photographs for each destination?
  • Are there details of the wildlife you are likely to encounter?
  • Is there information about the fish that might be biting?
  • Is there information about shipwrecks and other cultural heritage sites?
  • Does each guide have a street address and GPS coordinates for the starting point?
  • Does each guide tell me what the parking is like?
  • Does each guide tell me where to find the toilets?
  • Has each guide got information about where to eat, drink, and stay the night?

Global Paddler guides are the ultimate companions for seeing the world from the water. Join Global Paddler today for unlimited access to all 320.

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