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Global Paddler has been creating paddle trails with written guides since 2007. We pour our passion for paddling into every Global Paddler guide so every day you spend afloat is fantastic. There are now 5 Global Paddler guidebooks and more than 380 online guides. Global Paddler is your ultimate companion for seeing the world from the water.

Grab your copies of The Paddler’s Guide to New South Wales, The Paddler’s Guide to South Australia, The Paddler’s Guide to Queensland, The Paddler’s Guide to Victoria, and The Paddler’s Guide to Melbourne from the Global Paddler online store or selected retailers today, or become a Global Paddler member and enjoy unlimited downloads of online paddle guides for more than 380 paddle trails. Click here for a free sample.

Global Paddler guidebooks - Created with love for people who love paddling

Kayaking, canoeing and stand up paddling provide amazing and unique opportunities for anyone who loves seeing the world from the water to experience incredible environments without disturbing them or leaving any trace of their visit. Global Paddler guides include maps, photographs, logistical details, carefully researched historical information, local points of interest and quirky facts, so kayakers, canoeists, and stand up paddlers can immerse themselves in every adventure.

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