Top 5 paddles in QLD

As the most prolific creators of paddle guides for Australian waterways in recent years, we at Global Paddler are often asked which we think are the best and whether we have any favourites. While we firmly believe that every destination covered by a Global Paddler guide has its own special character and is worth visiting at least once in your lifetime, there can be no denying that some waterways will always have an extra special place in our hearts. Without further ado, here are our top 5 paddles in Queensland, the state “where Australia shines”.

Number 5: Theodore

Theodore’s tropical garden themed town plan blends beautifully with its Dawson River environment. To see the waterway that undoubtedly influenced the town’s design, simply follow the flow of movement and style down the main street.

Top 5 paddles in QLD: Theodore

Number 4: Lake Borumba

If anyone ever asks “What’s so great about paddling?”, take them to Lake Borumba. Densely forested hills rise up on all sides, wildlife put on regular show stopping performances, and every scene deserves a photograph.

Top 5 paddles in QLD: Lake Borumba

Number 3: Lake Awoonga

If Lake Awoonga were an opera it would be Aida. If it were a movie it would be Ben Hur. The big, bold, dramatic opening scene casts a spell that keeps you wide-eyed, open-mouthed, and captivated to the very end.

Top 5 paddles in QLD: Lake Awoonga

Number 2: Lake Paluma

What’s both tropical and refreshing? No, it’s not a Pine Lime Splice. It’s Lake Paluma, high in the landscape between Townsville and Ingham. At nine hundred metres above sea level, it’s a cool alternative to the coast.

Top 5 paddles in QLD: Lake Paluma

Number 1: Upper Noosa River

To experience the breathtaking loveliness of a stunning natural environment reflected in the dark eyes of a gorgeous slow-dancing beauty is to have truly discovered Nirvana. This heaven on earth is manna for Mother Nature’s faithful and a persuasive reason for doubters to believe.

Top 5 paddles in QLD: Upper Noosa River

Comprehensive paddle guides for all of these locations containing maps, colour photographs, logistical information and written descriptions can be found on the Global Paddler website and in The Paddler’s Guide to Queensland guidebook. Global Paddler memberships and books are available now from the Global Paddler online store.

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