Top 5 paddles in NSW

As the most prolific creators of paddle guides for Australian waterways in recent years, we at Global Paddler are often asked which we think are the best and whether we have any favourites. While we firmly believe that every destination covered by a Global Paddler guide has its own special character and is worth visiting at least once in your lifetime, there can be no denying that some waterways will always have an extra special place in our hearts. The time has come to let you in on our secrets and we are going to start with New South Wales. Without further ado, here are our top 5 paddles in Australia’s “first state”.

Number 5: Clarrie Hall Dam

Peaceful Clarrie Hall is wrapped in blankets of thick forest and cradled in the protective arms of Wulambiny Momoli (Mount Warning), the towering patriarch of mountains. It’s not the largest lake in NSW but it might just be the most scenic.

Top 5 paddles in NSW: Clarrie Hall Dam

Number 4: Nepean Gorge

The Nepean Gorge is in the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains National Park and its steep walls soar high on either side. Nothing takes your breath away quite like paddling through a magnificent natural gorge.

Top 5 paddles in NSW: Nepean Gorge

Number 3: Lavender Bay

See world famous iconic Sydney landmarks like you’ve never seen them before as you explore bays on the northern shore of Port Jackson and visit Goat Island, known to local Aboriginal people as the eye of the Harbour.

Top 5 paddles in NSW: Lavender Bay

Number 2: Lake Wetherell

Lake Wetherell is a truly stunning place. Outback light frames endless silhouettes of floodplain trees protruding from the water. These trees are an eerie reminder of the past and home to wonderfully vibrant birdlife.

Top 5 paddles in NSW: Lake Wetherell

Number 1: Shoalhaven Gorge

The hardest thing about writing a guide for this place is doing it justice. There’s something very special about Shoalhaven Gorge – a communion with nature that rejuvenates your spirit and makes your heart sing.

Top 5 paddles in NSW: Top 5 paddles in NSW: Shoalhaven Gorge

Comprehensive paddle guides for all of these locations containing maps, colour photographs, logistical information and written descriptions can be found on the Global Paddler website and in The Paddler’s Guide to New South Wales guidebook. Global Paddler memberships and books are available now from the Global Paddler online store.

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