Kayak – A collection of words and images

Ian Beasley has pulled together a kayak-themed exhibition worthy of any world class museum or art gallery and distilled it into a book so every paddler can see it at home, and visit again and again. Rare artwork and photography is combined tastefully with the words of paddlers and historians in a way that encourages both thoughtful contemplation and excited anticipation at the turn of every page.

Kayak - A collection of words and imagesKayak – A collection of words and images is divided into five sections that reflect the utilitarian uses of the kayak since its creation around 4,000 years ago; Living, Seeking, Challenging, Competing, and Defending. It tells stories of: the Innuit, Eskimo, and Aleut people who created the kayak for use in hunting and transportation; explorers undertaking adventures in never-before-seen places; extreme paddlers pushing the limits of human capabilities and endurance; athletes testing their skills against themselves, other paddlers, and the clock; and defence personnel utilising the kayak as a vehicle of stealth.

Well researched paddlers will probably recognise some of the eminent names quoted in Kayak – A collection of words and images, but it is unlikely that anyone has seen a kayak-themed exhibition of this type presented in such a compreshensive and engaging manner. You may start the book thinking that a kayak is just a recreational toy, but you’ll finish it with an understanding that this wonderful little watercraft is so much more.

Kayak – A collection of words and images is available now from Stern Turn Publishing.

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